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Crazy and Obscene - Interview with SADO OPERA!


Heute gibt es auf dem Blog eine Premiere - nämlich mein erster Beitrag zum Thema Musik und Clubbing: Ich habe SADO OPERA interviewt - dahinter steckt ein Electro Punk Cabaret. Die Band besteht aus 4 Mitgliedern: Magic Doll, Wild Man, Psycho Rabbit und Colonel / Herr Oberst. 

Sie sind verrückt, extravagant, beschreiben sich selbst als "fairytale mix of  Kiss and Army of Lovers". Letztes Jahr habe ich sie live erlebt im Silodom und war ziemlich begeistert - vor allem von ihrer Depeche Mode Interpretation. Die Musik ist schwer zu beschreiben, so etwas hört man wirklich nicht jeden Tag - Electro Punk eben! 

SADO OPERA sind Residents im Salon zur Wilden Renate - einer der besten Clubs in Berlin. Achtung - das Interview ist ebenfalls ziemlich provokant! ;) Außerdem performten sie bei der letzten Alternative Berlin Fashion Week und ich habe sie auch zu ihrer Meinung zu Fashion befragt! 

Die Fotos hat Christine bei ihrem letzten Gig im Club Le Hirsch in Saarbrücken gemacht! 

Interview with SADO OPERA

First of all – what do you think about Saarbrücken?
You've been here three times and I just loved your first gig at Silodom in 2015.
It was a very special night.

Oh yes! This was a special night for us as well. We had a lot of Crémant all over our bodies! And we’ve found Saarbrücken special too. Since then we already performed here two times: one at Adam&Eva festival and one now, at Le Hirsch club. We really like the people and special position of Saarland and it’s history. It was French, then German, then independent, then German again... But still there’s enough Crémant for everybody! We don’t believe in boarders, you know.
So we really enjoy being here at the place on Earth which just proves how impermanent country boarders can be. But which at the same time is not violently occupied by any state as it unfortunately is still happening in our times.

You are a great inspiration to people to be unique and have their own style – what inspires you?

We get our inspiration in human naked bodies and especially anuses, always unique and special.
Hidden behind underwear they are symbolizing gender equality.
Anal sex is the real art of love with no gender separation. But of course only grown up educated people can do it properly. We are the masters. And we can teach you the secret knowledge.
Or at least test and certificate you.

I guess that some of my readers haven't heard about SADO OPERA. What should they know about you first? What can people expect about a night with SADO OPERA?

We are the visual music band. We have beautiful black and white faces and spectacular costumes. We do high-energy shows performing our pansexual songs and tricks. We still believe in old-fashioned love and big cocks. It’s often when broken hearts are coming to us searching for help. And we certainly heal them better than psychotherapists do.

You performed at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. What does Fashion mean to you?

The meaning of fashion is like the meaning of love – everyone has it’s own one. So we don’t really take it serious. We prefer to pay more attention to what is universally beautiful than to what is trendy at the moment. Like our great grand father Marquis de Sade’s wardrobe could be fashionable even now because it was purely beautiful.
This was partly the reason why we liked the idea of doing our music and performing at BAFW for Argentinian brand “Therapy + Recycle and Exorcise”. They do trendy stuff out of second hand clothes and accesoires. So each piece is unique and has a story behind it. We support this position and find it stylish.

Since we are talking about fashion – do you have some shopping advice? Do you like secondhand clothes or can you tell us about some online shops you like?

Shopping is a game. Never take it serious or you will become a marketing victim. The same is sex. If you are too serious with it, then it stops bringing you real pleasures, because your instincts are controlling you and just force you to follow them.
That’s why in both, shopping and sex, you have to resist inertia and follow the rules of the game.
We can easily teach you some of them if you ever come to our SADO-Palace where we live.
Trust us, we have a lot of second-hand, -mouth and -other parts of bodies’ clothes and devices over there.

What do you love most about being on stage?

It is very warm there. Like at the sea reasort. And you can touch a lot of half naked girls and boys at the same time (which is not allowed at the beach). And of course cool music is playing.
Every of our performances is the mix between a show and a spiritual cult. We are priests of love, and spirits are getting in contact with us.
So we easily can connect our audience with Gods. Just come closer to the stage!

Describe your music and style in 3 words!

Can we have 4? One from each band member. Pleeease!?
Pansexual, Energetic, Elegant and Obscene.

What do you love about Wilde Renate?

Wilde Renate is our home club and definitely is one of the best Berlin clubs.
It’s the palace of wonderland and we fit to each other. We often perform there and we host a video project – Renate TV – which we do every month together with Wilde Renate team.

Tell me about your HotSpots in Berlin! Anything special for summertime?

We love romantic cafes and intimate parks. But especially for summertime we can recomend you ELSE – Wilde Renate’s summer venue right at the bank of the Spree. There you have everything: best djs, half naked bodies and even food. That’s romantic!

What are your next Tour Dates?

This spring we have a lot of shows in Berlin. In summer we gonna go to Austria, Italy and France. And of course we can’t wait to come back to Saarbrücken. Hope it’s going to be very soon.
And before that lets stay in touch on facebook:

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